Haotian Gu

Department of Mathematics, UC Berkeley

Hi! I am a fourth-year graduate student in applied mathematics at UC Berkeley. I am jointly advised by Prof. Xin Guo and Prof. Fraydoun Rezakhanlou. My current research interests include stochastic control theory, game theory, mean-field control/games and reinforcement learning. During the summer of 2021, I did a research intern at Amazon.

Before entering UC Berkeley in fall 2018, I completed my Bachelor degree in mathematics at the University of Hong Kong, where I completed my undergraduate theses with Prof. Ngaiming Mok in complex geometry and with Prof. Zhiwen Zhang in model reductions and numerical PDEs.

From Jan.2017 to Jun.2017, I studied as an exchange student at UCLA. I also spent the summer of 2017 at Cornell, working under the supervision of Prof. Robert Strichartz on the analysis on hybrid fractals.

A detailed CV can be found here. (Last Update on November 2021.)